Workshop Family Constellations


Workshop Family Constellations

Location: The Family Constellations workshop takes place in the Practice for Psychosynthesis Amsterdam at Lijnbaansgracht 67-0, 1015 GV, Amsterdam

Duration: The day starts at 10am and lasts until 5pm. Entry from 9.30am.


The language of instruction is in Dutch

Questioner or Representative:

Every participant, regardless of the role, pays € 50.00 for the day. At the start of the day everyone can indicate whether he or she wants to submit a question. Lottery tickets are used to determine which question is actually drawn up. With this we keep this day accessible and we also emphasize the joint responsibility that we take on this day as a group for the ‘energetic field’ that we create and work with together. Each participant has his or her unique and valuable contribution.


Carla Auer
Psychosynthesis Therapist

Carla Auer is a Psychosynthesis Therapist and has her own practice in Alphen a/d Rijn and until recently was Director of the Trauma Nazorg groep.

Carla attended the annual training for family constellations with Hylke Bonnema at the Academy for constellations


Constellation Work

In my own practice for Psychosynthesis, the systemic work is one of the methods I use in individual counseling and therapy and stems from the work of Bert Hellinger, founder of Family Constellations. Systemic work has continued to develop and innovate in recent decades. There is already talk today about the so-called ‘new drafting’.

The systemic work is very close to how psychosynthesis therapy and guidance work with ‘subpersonalities’. Working with these inner parts of our personality is a Psychosynthesis method that makes the inner dynamics of this inner division visible.

Family Constellations is more concerned with the family system and the dynamics present in that family system. This system is not limited to the family of origin or one’s own family/relationship, but also includes the previous generations. Inclusive, divorced, deceased and unborn lives.
It is a special method that works in and with the so-called ‘knowing field’. Just like our inner world, the family system is an energetic field that can be felt and experienced.

Systemic working tries to recognize and acknowledge hidden stories between family members and possible bottlenecks between them by drawing up a person’s system of origin.

A family constellation is a method in which a participant introduces an issue about which you want to gain clarity. For the questioning participant, other participants are selected as ‘representatives’ for that issue.

Then you can see how the representatives relate to each other, how they move and what they feel or notice in their own bodies. Entanglements (problems from previous generations) may come to light that have led to a stagnation or problem in your current life.

Welcome to the Practice

In 1998 we started the basic training Psychosynthesis at the Institute for Psychosynthesis
Carla then attended the training for Psychosynthesis therapist at the Institute and Wim attended after a break of over 15 years of training at the Academy of Psychosynthesis in Amersfoort.

It feels like a special privilege, after all this time of personal development, life experience, education and further training, to share our passion for Psychosynthesis and working with people with others in personal guidance, therapy and training. The expertise of Carla Auer (1956) lies with people with loss and traumatic experiences.
She works with psychosynthesis in combination with other techniques including EMDR (trauma treatment) and Constellations.

Life goes step by step. Everything comes your way when “something” in you says, now is the time for that. Something you don’t always know consciously, but you do feel.

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