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A Frisian country boy in Amsterdam

I become happy to reconnect people with their inner wisdom and life force. Bringing the unconscious dynamics of the inner forces into light so that you can take control of your life again.

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“What if you could hire the best ‘life coach’ … one with millions of years of success in creating a beautiful, abundant and sustainable life? Well, it is possible …

it is called Nature “

Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D Cell biologist

What do others say?

“I want to say that you have a beautiful and pleasant energy around you, what is so open to everything in front of you. You are open, genuine and honest. Wim, you are an asset to your clients! And I would allow you to fully empower yourself. Your old story no longer serves you, because I see a very beautiful therapist in you! ”

Suzan Bannink, fellow student Body-oriented coaching

“Wim provides support in making the plan, but in the end I have to do it myself. And I think I did. Wim is always enthusiastic, is a very good listener and can comment on something. Is theoretically well versed, has a lot of life experience and that is the perfect combination. I really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot! ”

K.M. , client

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