In this time of global uncertainty, we are called to respond with all our skills and competences to offer ourselves and others a useful tool to enhance the inner resources so needed today.

The Synthesis Center San Francisco and the Gruppo alle Fonti – Casa Assagioli have therefore created a shared initiative: a You Tube channel on which you can find guided psychosynthetic visualizations/meditations recorded (for now) in a number of languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek and French.


On this page of the website, I share two meditation exercises from the youtube channel of this shared initiative.
The dis-identification exercise and a wonderful guided visualization exercise of the blossoming of the rose.


Check the YouTube channel for more meditation exercises





Disidentification: A guided visualization-meditation by Roberto Assagioli

In Psychosynthesis guidance a lot of use is made of meditation exercises, guided visualisations and the power of the imagination.
A meditation practice often used to familiarize yourself with the quiet place within yourself, where you learn to experience that you can separate yourself from what you have identified with
and becoming aware that you are more than the thoughts, your feelings and your body is the Dis-identification excercise.

Blossoming of the Rose: A guided visualization-meditation by Roberto Assagioli

When our head and our heart are in harmony with each other (heart / brain coherence), a state of being present arises in which we open the gates to our higher intuition, inner wisdom and compassion for ourselves and our environment.
We can realize this state of being present in the here and now through a simple meditation technique.
In the heart / head meditation exercise below, you can experience for yourself what this does to you.

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