Working with the Ideal model

“When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”

Meister Eckhart

From discovering who I am not to…….

In the Psychosynthesis guidance we use different techniques and methods. One of these techniques is the exercise with the Ideal Model. If you really want this exercise to come into its own, it is important to take the necessary time for it.

The ideal model is not about a model of perfection or a pursuit of perfection. It is about creating a realistic and attainable self-image. A self-image that can replace the many self-images that already exist in us.

The self-images we have created over the course of our lives can often be one-sided, impractical or limiting. They have often become linked to parts of our personality that we have identified with. In psychosynthesis we call these parts ‘subpersonalities’. Parts that are often mutually exclusive and in conflict with each other.

… who I really am and would like to be.

The technique of the Ideal Model helps us to develop a self-image that is realistic and achievable. Who we really are or want to become.

Working with the power of the imagination. Individually and in small groups.

In order to get to know yourself in who you really are or would like to be, you sometimes have to discover who or what you are not. Most of the time we have become so identified and familiar with our “false self-images” that we have come to believe that we are.

Peeling off these ‘false’ self-images can be very enlightening and at the same time confronting. Confronting, because it not only makes us aware but also responsible for our own creations.

You learn to take responsibility for who you are and want to be. You learn to consciously choose with which self-image you want to connect and which qualities or psychological functions should be developed more or better.

After working through your inner self images, you not only have a new, realistic and attainable image of yourself, but also a concrete first step that you could take to realize your own image. Together we look at which qualities or psychological functions need more attention in order to develop and then enter into and appropriate your own image.

Images work in us; they are living forces that excite and evoke other forces according to the psychological laws………… Every image carries a motor element within itself.

From: The act of Will, , Roberto Assagioli.

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You can register for this special psychosynthesis exercise of the Ideal model in two ways:

Individually and in a small group of maximum 4 participants.

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