Welcome to Psychosynthesis & Psychotrauma therapy Online!

The Corona measures of recent months have presented many clients, therapists and other care providers with a dilemma: What am I going to do: Adjust or wait. Working online or waiting for the measures to relax or be lifted?

I went online with my practice and started to adapt more or less to the new situation, a more or less welcome to ‘the new normal’. And although I also encountered resistance from myself and my clients, I have experienced that working online with clients is not only an adjustment to ‘survive’, but that a new way of being together is also possible, which has made visible how we also being able to experience the involvement and proximity from a distance.

For the practice, this means that the borders of Amsterdam are disappearing online and that the offer of the practice is suddenly available to everyone. Psychosynthesis guidance and working with Psychotrauma has thus become accessible to many more people.


Adapt and Survive

Daily life demands an awful lot from us today. In our work, in our family and in our relationships. When you feel like life is asking for more than you can give or is asking for something other than what you have to give, you may have learned to adjust to fit in. You may feel that you are surviving.

Experiencing tensions

 When you are constantly focused on what the other person and your environment is asking, you may become alienated from who you really are.

Together we look at that field of tension where desire and fear meet. Longing for love and belonging, fear of failure and rejection.

Feeling safe and having confidence

Online it is also possible to create a place where security and trust are present and where space is created to dare to be visible in both desire and fear.

Personal development

Psychosynthesis is more than just therapy. It is mainly a path of awareness, inner growth and personal development. As a psychosynthesis therapist I also went this way myself. A long process in which personal experiences in combination with therapy and training ultimately led to my work as a psychosynthesis therapist and Psychotrauma Practitioner.

I look forward to meet you online.

Wim Verbeek

Sometimes you have to admit that you fear the light as much as you fear the dark.

In essence, you always live between two areas of tension. Throughout your life, the personality is under pressure from the higher and lower unconscious to integrate what lives there and comes towards you into your personality. The pressure thus exerted on your thinking, feeling and body stimulates your development. If you listen to the message of that pressure, you can take steps to come to integration or transformation of body, feeling and thinking with your full consciousness, namely the “I”. Then you grow into someone who is increasingly reaching for who he really is.

(The higher and the lower unconscious are concepts used in Psychosynthesis to indicate that you can suppress and store both positive and supportive as well as negative and hindering experiences in the different layers of your unconscious)

The entire range that the practice offers is now also online.

  • Psychosynthesis therapy
  • Individual trauma constellations (IoPT)
  • Counseling for Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)
  • Guidance with disturbed grief and loss experiences
  • Primal wounding, early childhood trauma
  • Working therapeutically with Gender and Sexual Diversities

Advantages of working online.

  • you don’t have to travel
  • you have more time
  • you work from your own safe and trusted environment
  • online therapy, just like face tot face therapy, is reimbursed by your additional health insurance
  • you do not have to take into account sufficient distance and other corona measures

Disadvantages of working online.

  • you like to travel
  • you don’t have a quiet place at home where you can work online
  • you do not experience home as a safe and trusted place
  • you miss the physical presence of each other in space

Practice for Psychosynthesis Amsterdam

CMG CLICKDOC Videoconsult is used for online consultations. This means that the practice complies with the GDPR and therefore has no influence on the reimbursement from the supplementary insurance.

At the time of the appointment for a video consultation, you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone with a personal login code to access the digital waiting room of the Practice for Psychosynthesis Amsterdam for a video consultation.